About Us & What We Do

Mandarin Creative Group is an Application Design & Development consultancy specializing in
the creation of software products and services for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Architecture & Design

We will work with you to distill your dreams into software that is both useful and usable. We aren’t just code monkeys who need detailed specifications before we start work. We will collaboratively take your ideas and turn them into beautiful applications that get things done.

Web & Mobile Development

We specialize in building responsive, mobile-optimized & progressive web applications. We also have experience designing and building both hybrid- and native-mobile applications for both iOS and Android. In addition, we provide high-performance domain-driven database designs that serve as the back-end for our web & mobile apps.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Our team has deep & extensive experience in data management, reporting, predictive analytics, statistics & machine learning. Our front-end application designs provide a solid base for any required back-end data analysis & decision support. In addition, we also provide standalone analytic & predictive modeling consulting services.

DevOps Training & Automation

In addition to Application Development & Data Analytics, our team has developed a highly disciplined and efficient approach to DevOps process & Automation. Whether it is the implementation of agile process and tools, integration with 3rd Party systems or automated build/test/deployment via Continuous Integration & Delivery, let our team help your team put leading edge DevOps  processes into practice.

Technologies, Skills & Experience

The professionals at Mandarin Creative Group have 4+ decades of combined experience in leading edge software development / design / engineering tools and technologies. Unlike many development firms, we are always evaluating the latest tech to optimize and improve the efficiency, speed and quality of the software we deliver to our clients.

  • ASP.NET Core / Web API
  • Angular 1/2
  • MS-SQL Server
  • Amazon Web Services
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker Linux/Windows
  • Cordova / Phonegap
  • SASS
  • NodeJS
  • Ubuntu (*nix)
  • Bitcoin/Blockchain

Our Team

Architecture & Design
Jay Stevens

Jay Stevens has been working in data and analytics for over 26 years and has been building web applications since 1994. His early career was spent doing data warehousing, analytics and predictive modeling for Circuit City’s credit card bank (FNANB). He then moved to Prudential Bank and Trust where he was quickly promoted to Assistant Vice President of Portfolio Analysis. He is recognized as an expert in the SAS software system (even doing consulting work for SAS in the UK). He has variously worked as an independent consultant/contractor and as an employee on numerous data warehousing, analysis and application development projects. He is also the creator and developer of www.centerlinescores.com , a site that serves as the ``Carfax” for competitive Dressage horses and trainers in the U.S.

Sr. Developer & DevOps Lead
Clay Benoit

Clay Benoit has over 18 years of experience as a software developer, building applications for companies, organizations and federal agencies. He has a passion for delivering quality, usable software that helps our customers solve a problem. In addition to his strong technical and leadership skills, he is well respected by our customers and his colleagues for his dedication and professionalism. His latest technology focus is implementing applications using ASP.NET Core, Angular 2 and Web API and other exciting and emerging frameworks like TypeScript, MaterializeCSS and AWS Lambda. Outside of technology, he is a competitive cyclist, health and fitness geek, avid boater and a devoted owner of three Boxers.

Social Media Engineer
Christy Stevens

Christy has 8 years of experience managing Windows environment networks and data centers in the financial sector. She has worked with everything from Windows Server and Active Directory to MPLS Networking and VOIP technology. She also has experience with virtual machine environments including VMWare. In addition, she is a writer and a paid contributor to numerous online blogs as well as her own personal blog and brings significant expertise in Social Media marketing and Search Engine Optimization. She is a minor celebrity on Google’s social network Google+ with over 50K followers. In her personal time, she is an artist (working in multiple mediums) and a promising rider in Equestrian Show Jumping.

Developer & Datamancer
Ross Tripi

Ross Tripi has 2 years of experience as a software developer with expertise in data analytics and applied statistics. He recently graduated with a Masters in Business Analytics where his thesis focused on automated sentiment analysis of unstructured text. Ross is well versed in many programming languages including JavaScript, Python and C# and has experience working on various OS platforms. When he’s not immersing himself in a new foreign language, he’s getting smart on natural language processing, machine learning and blockchain programming.

Some of Our Work

Our Approach

Mandarin Creative Group can build the web & mobile applications you need for your business. Give us your idea and we’ll carry it through to launch.

Requirements & Design

We can take the tiniest seed of an idea and breathe life into it complete with user interface mockups & agile user story requirements. If you can dream it, we can design and build it.


The Mandarin Creative software development team is highly efficient and optimized for the rapid development of web and mobile applications.

User Acceptance Review

Clients have access to in-process versions of the application for incremental development review and testing. We pride ourselves on the ability to make rapid adjustments based on user feedback.

Go Live Launch

While our process is optimized for rapid spin-up and production delivery for Amazon Web Services, we can work with you to deploy your application to any cloud or on-premises environment as needed.

If you’ve got an idea for an app or a business process you want to automate, reach out and start the conversation.

Contact Us For Collaborations, Questions Or Just to Say “Hi!”
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Email: info@mandarincreativegroup.com

Phone: +1 (678) 810-1667